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Revise is the solution for continuously worsening eyesight caused by the abuse and improper use of eyes in the digital age. With the smart lenses to detect the users' eye behavior and to alert them with harmful habits, and the companion app to customize the using of the lenses, Revise hopes to improve the users' eye using habit in the most preferable manner. 



In today's modern world, many people look at screens for a long time and use their eyes intensely, especially teenagers and young adults. Refractive error and eyestrain have become common problems for a lot of people. Without the proper use of eyes, many teenagers and young adults are suffering from continuously worsening vision.


We started with research on the main causes and impacts of digital fatigue and eye strain.  We found that improper proximity, use length, and lighting are the most influential factors leading to refractive errors and vision problems, especially for digital device users.

Target Audience

- Teenagers and young adults
- Rely a lot on screens
- With improper eye care habits
- Have sight problems which keep worsening

Smart Glasses
User Interaction

Sketches of how the smart device will work with the user: 

The Revise
Smart Glasses

In order to improve the users' eye care habits, our smart lenses alert the users with a colour tinted around the edge whenever they are doing bad with their eyes. For instance, the specific colour tints when the user is getting too close to the reading material, reading in bad lighting, or reading for too long and getting eyestrain.


Optical Sensors

Optical sensors attached to the bridge of the frame analyze the pupillary distance and eyeball movement to track the condition of the user's eyes and the level of fatigue.


Eye Strain Alerts

Coloured tints around the perimeter of the lenses notify the users to keep a keep proper proximity, take a break after prolonged use, or have proper lighting based on the response from the sensors.


Touch Bars

Alerts can be dismissed or snoozed using touch responses along the arms of the glasses. A double-tap snoozes the alert while the swiping back along the arm dismisses it.

The Revise App

The Revise app is a companion application of the smart lenses that help users to customize their glasses and set restrictions on the alerts, and provides them with eye exercises based on their needs.

revise mockup (1920*1200)

Initial Sketch of 
System Map


System Map

system map2-01

User Interface

For the visual style of the interface, we decided to go with the bright colour palette to make it more refreshing and inviting. We also bring in more fun and make the user experience even more friendly and welcoming by introducing the illustrated characters. 

visual style-01


A friendly greeting message from our "Dr. Eyenstein" followed by the onboarding information input asking the users about their vision conditions.



A walkthrough tutorial prompts as the users finish filling in the basic information of their sight condition. It gives a brief idea to the users on the features we have on the app and how to operate it.



Users can change the condition of their eyesight under the Setting feature. They can also adjust the alert tint intensity on the glasses to fit their preference. Modifying the intensity of each alert tint also enables the accessibility for colorblind users to differentiate each signal. The Night Shift feature allows the smart lenses to tint yellow to promote better sleep, according to the sleeping time that the users put in the app.



Using the calendar feature, users can set restrictions on the alerts and turn them off during certain periods. For instance, you probably don’t want your glasses to disturb you in a meeting. Users can either sync their schedules from their existing app or add new events to the app manually.



Revise recommends the best suitable eye exercises to its users based on the eye information they input. There are also different kinds of exercises for various purposes such as relaxation and strengthening vision.



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