Jasmine is...

•  A multi-disciplinary designer
•  Former Graphic Design Intern at MetaDesign
•  Global Liaison and Graphic Designer at York International 
•  Someone who gets inspirations in everyday life

Check out her resume here.

​For her, design is not just about having a pleasing visual experience, it is also a creative solution to a problem. It is about thinking from the users/audience’s perspective, and effectively conveying the messages to them. It is also about asking the right questions.

Aside from design, she also likes making videos. She also posts videos teaching Cantonese and some travel vlogs online, and she enjoys it the most when people feel happy watching her videos or actually learn something from them.

​(Fun fact, she gets most of her great ideas in the shower.)

Let's chat:

Oh, by the way, I also love making videos in my spare time!

Miami - Travel Short Film

Seoul - Opening of A 7-episode Vlog Series

The Board - A Short Clip of the Los Angeles Trip Vlog

The Forbidden City - Opening of the Beijing Travel Vlog

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